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AH THEME Avenue Key Features

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A.H. Theme Avenue features one to three bedroom luxury apartments on 36 easy installments. With 30% down payment of total cost. The project guarantees to provide you the finest of comforts and luxury living at affordable prices. The apartments will have bedroom(s) with premium-attached bath, American kitchen, drawing room, dining room, lounge, terrace, a laundry area. The American style kitchen features aluminum fittings with glass/marble kitchen worktops. The premium attached bathrooms will have luxury bathtubs and sink with a bathroom vanity. Architecture of the whole project will have tiled flooring, aluminum windows(tinted glass) , steel doorframes, hidden electrical wiring , border ceiling. Along with especially designed doors made from imported plywood. Best property companies in Islamabad are provided by ConnectorPk.

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Advantages of Investing in a Small House

In this article, we have discussed the advantages of investing in a small house. Your little house interest in Pakistan may appear to be little, yet it options you a score while giving you a lot. Shinning property investment brings you huge advantages upon deal. But, it doesn’t really need to be a major house. You can receive a huge measure of rewards by putting resources into a property that is little in the size-a a little house. Despite the fact that the basic thought required for putting resources into a little house is low, the incomes are as yet similar to those send by putting resources into the real estate estimate and check real estate business in Islamabad.

Here are some advantages of investing in a small house

  • Fewer decorations required
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • A safe living space you have!
  • Moderate way of life and inviting style
  • Modest investment, big advantages.
  • Strength Efficient home to spare you a heavy.

Let’s discuss these advantages of investing in a small house.

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Inquiries first time buyers must ask the agent

In this article, we will discuss Inquiries the first time buyers must ask the agent and what type of questions should ask the agent.

We regularly hear that first-time purchasers get overcome with regards to purchasing a house. It is genuine on the grounds that they don’t simply get confused being the enhanced one in the market yet additionally for the most part don’t have the dark idea what to ask or might be too ashamed to even think about asking the agents.

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What’s Better Option to Buy a Home? Money or Installment?

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In this article, we discuss what’s Better Option to Buy a Home? Money or Installment?The idea of having a business free life is quicken. Particularly when you realize that you purchase everything on 100% money and don’t owe single money to other people. There are many real estate companies in Islamabad with property dealers Islamabad which can help you choose the better option. The standard-duty to similarly be executed with regards to purchasing a home. You have to pay all money in advance and not in portions. However, on the off chance that you arrive at a resolution, read on the accompanying online blog to settle on a very much educated choice with the help of real estate companies in Islamabad.

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Instructions to Earn Money When Property Market Is Going Down

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In the time of down property market, you will money with the best investment in Islamabad. In Pakistan many sometimes we have seen property down for a long time. It happens when Gov. disputed heavy taxes on the property. Now we discuss Instructions to Earn Money When Property Market Is Going Down. There are so many best real estate companies Islamabad but Connector is best property company in Islamabad which deal in all type of property

Property and Interest Rate appearance

If we talk about interest rates and if banks have low rates, people will go out of the money from the bank and invest in property. On the off chance that banks have high loan costs, at that point imagine will pull out the cash from the property and put it in the bank. At the present time, we have a record high loan fee. Investors have their cash in banks.

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Pros and Cons of Living in a Ground Floor Apartment

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In this blog, we have discussed the Pros and Cons of Living in a Ground Floor Apartment with the view of a property agent Islamabad.

In this day and age, ground floor apartments have gotten very uncommon. You wouldn’t discover them in any of the current high rises. This is on the grounds that the ground floors of structures nowadays are either changed over into devoted parking spots or halls to encourage the resident.

If you are planning to carry to a ground floor apartment, then you should have landed on the right post. There are some pros and cons to living ground floor apartments.

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Tips for Long-Distance House Hunting

Today we are posting down tips for Long-Distance House Hunting. Patterns and styles are experiencing an extreme scene of change. Youngsters of Pakistan are moving to different nations for better openings for work and professional success. At the point when you have chosen to move to another country, at that point significant distance house chasing isn’t a simple assignment. You are sitting miles and thousands away and you are really uninformed of the territories’ patterns and qualities. Connector is the best property agent in islamabad which deals in flats, apartments, specially in islamabad, bahria town, b17

Significant distance house chasing is unquestionably a test, yet you can make it generally simpler by following scarcely any simple advances. With the correct operator and proper online stage, it gets simpler to search for a house.

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5 to 10 Marla house plans for a perfect house

When you are going to build a house what is the most essential necessity around then? The one thing that will transform your home into a living paradise is the unity of accommodation. The degree to which your home satisfies your requirements has a significant effect.5 to 10 Marla house plans for a perfect house are more valuable hoses. Consequently, the most essential need that arises is the choice of house structures.

Generally, Pakistani houses go from around 5-10 Marla area wise. “Marla” is regularly used as a unit of area in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. The Marla is proportional to 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square meters. Accordingly, it was absolutely one 160th of a segment of land. The unit of Marla was organized under the British. In Rural Areas of Pakistan like towns and towns 1 Marla = 272 square feet however, in urban zones, it is 225 Square feet.

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Importance of Online Marketing for Real Estate

With the start of digitization and online networking the importance of online marketing of real estate within the current century, the methods in which people used to attach and interact, have similarly involved progress. Moment and effective techniques have developed and include a major piece of enterprises; not deserting the land area. In the same manner, online real estate business in Islamabad is the use of online platforms to showcase their property listings to a bigger viewership, and could make it to their income-bucket.

80% of all home buyers are searching for property online. 

Only 9% of realtors and property dealers use online media to market their listings.

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