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Best investment in Islamabad and Construction of 7th Avenue & Rehab of I.J.P Road

Best Investment in Islamabad

Pakistan’s real estate market is vital and rising. Country is investing $5.2 billion in development, indicating significant growth in the Islamabad market. According to the World Bank, the country’s real estate holdings account for 60 to 70 percent of overall wealth. Connect now with ConnectorPk to establish connections with the best real estate companies in Islamabad. Get an opportunity to make best investment in Islamabad.

Projects assigned to FWO by CDA:

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board approve two projects , the construction of the 7th Avenue Interchange and the renovation of I.J.P. Road. FWO has been assigned these projects. For aligning both projects various defense stations has been set up. FWO was a viable option for the CDA to successfully complete both. According to the board member, CDA wanted to begin both projects within a month. The CDA had earlier sought contracts and received offers from private contractors. But the process was suspended and the project were handed over to the FWO.

Construction details:

  • According to the CDA design, the Rs1.5 billion interchange will be erected, in the configuration of a cloverleaf with four left and right loops at Aabpara, at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Srinagar Avenue.
  • Underpass will connect the two portions of Khayaban-i-Suharwardi.
  • CDA has given Rs6 billion to FWO for the expansion and overhaul of I.J.P road projects.

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Potential Benefits:

  • The road connects Islamabad and Rawalpindi and hence, serves as a major road for heavy trucks travelling from Punjab and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) to Taxila, Attock, and KPK.
  • The I.J.P road’s restoration costs PKR 6 billion
  • It will include the construction of two additional lanes as well as three flyovers.
  • Vehicles experience traffic congestion due to long waits at traffic lights. Moreover, the lack of an interchange, creates several problems especially during rush hours.
  • The CDA board member noted that the civic agency was aware of the difficulties that motorists were experiencing.
  • Hence, FWO will be employed to ensure that the project is completed smoothly.

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