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How Realestate companies affected by Unban of electricity connections

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In 2016, the CDA recommended that new utility connections be prohibited in Islamabad. They be connected to the issuance of a non-objection certificate (NOC) after the approval of a building plan. If you want to invest in realestate companies in Islamabad. Then join hands with ConnectorPk to make the best investments in Islamabad.

Ban Lifted:

  • The Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) has lifted the ban on new connections in the federal capital.
  • Capital Development Authority (CDA) gives information about acquired and unacquired land.
  • Houses in illegal housing plans, will not receive new connections, according to the corporation.
  • Except for housing plans, new connections will be supplied where Iesco’s network is in existence, as notified on June 22.

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  • CDA has been unable to approve development proposals in locations like Zones III and IV putting residents in jeopardy.
  • It has limited itself to urban areas, resulting in an explosion of unlicensed development in rural areas.
  • Although IESCO has agreed to relax limitations on the provision of new electricity connections in undeveloped areas.
  • But the residents of these regions are likely to continue to face challenges.

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Major Perspectives:

  • In view of the court decisions, the IESCO management formed a high-level team.
  • In order to investigate the possibilities of providing electrical connections in ICT and other adjacent civic areas.
  • According to the suggestions, if land belongs to native people who inherited it from their predecessors
  • Then they can easily get power connections.
  • The IESCO suggested that administration can alot NOC to other residentds to join power grids.
  • Private housing societies holding valid NOC from concerned civic body can connect to the power grid.
  • Buildings/properties established in compliance with CDA laws, then there is no restrictions on the installation of electricity connections.


Taking the recommendations into account, it appears that nothing has changed for residents of the ICT’s undeveloped/unacquired regions. As was the case previously, they would not be able to obtain new electrical connections because of the proposals. The office order, on the other hand, has aided people who have inherited land in their names.

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