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Seepage issues no property agents would guide on

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Your house’s exterior walls will be exposed to every type of weather, and they have no choice. When it rains consistently, you’ll notice that fractures in the wall’s plaster appear over time, leading to dampening of the walls due to constant water seepage. This must be stopped at all costs; otherwise, the interior of your home will be harmed, making it look unsightly and uneven. If you consult a property agent working in Islamabad or elsewhere, they will not tell you of these inconveniences that can occur.

We will provide effective techniques to keep your house walls from seepage into your knowledge to help you prevent this enormous issue that most people confront, but first, let’s figure out how to detect the problem.


If there is a gap between your external wall and the wall of an adjacent property, water will seep through. Water seepage is caused by faulty plastering of the outer walls of the house or the use of low-quality plastering materials.


So now that we’ve discovered the causes of water seepage, let’s look at some of the most effective solutions to the problem:

Filling up cracks:

Mortar is a waterproof, firm, and cohesive material that can be used to seal cracks in your home’s walls. White cement putty will be used to repair structural flaws that may have been caused by broken water tiles or roofs. This will also help the paint last longer and prevent it from peeling off during the monsoons.

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Good drainage system:

Inspect your home’s drainage system, as leaks in water tanks cause water to seep through the plaster, causing moisture. Make sure that robust water pipes are installed, and that any joints are adequately sealed.

Update the ventilation system:

Additionally, exhaust fans should be installed in the kitchen and bathrooms to ensure optimum ventilation. Also, make sure that washing machines and tumble dryers are properly vented. If you’re building or buying a home, be sure it has plenty of windows for optimal ventilation.

Use high quality paints:

Moisture will leak through the concrete and damage the walls if the paint used to paint the exterior walls of your home is of poor quality. Today’s high-quality paints are resistant to water and contain silicon, which gives the walls added resilience.

Consult an expert:

Even if your property agent who is working for you in Islamabad, schools you regarding the problem, call a professional. Somebody who will do a complete inspection and properly scan the house’s walls and other essential locations with the aid of special tools such as moisture meters. Then do anything they suggest for the health of your house’s walls, as long as it’s an appropriate option.

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