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Real Estate Businesses & theory of Aquatecture

real estate businesses

As the globe continues to innovate at a breakneck speed, architecture is evolving as well. The architecture of a building is critical in sustaining the structure’s integrity and constructing stable foundations. Building architecture is based on numerous components all over the world; for example, locations that are more humid have different architectural components than areas that are prone to floods. Due to climate change, architecture is taking on new shapes in terms of introducing new concepts to a structure. If you interested to meet best property dealers in Islamabad, join hands with ConnectorPk, that connects real estate businesses working in Islamabad. It facilitates one to make the best investments in Islamabad.

Aquatecture & Architecture:

The term ‘Aquatecture’ can refer to an architectural idea that aims to redefine the link between water and building design. Aquatecture, refers to a building design that combines disaster management features, such as making structures more resilient to water pressure. Hence, creating more feasible ways for buildings to exist in a watery environment. Aquatecture explores novel technologies that allow us to live on and inside water. Through this blog, ConnectorPk highlights the new concept of ‘aquatecture,’ which entails designing buildings that are more flood resistant.

Climate Change rises sea levels:

  • Thousands of people living in low-lying areas have been relocated due to rising sea levels by thermal expansion of water.
  • Over 20th century, sea levels increased as much as 20 centimeters (7.8 inches). While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts a rise of 18 to 59 cm by 2099.
  • According to experts at the National Institute of Oceanography , rising sea levels might submerge Karachi. As a result, displacing 40 million people and bringing economic damage to the country.
  • They have predicted that Karachi will suffocate in the next 35 to 45 years. Areas of the Malir district already reclaimed by the sea, NIO believes Karachi may vanish within the next four decades.

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Potential Benefits of Aquatecture for real estate Businesses:

Following are the characteristics of buildings which comply with ‘aquatecture’.

1. Floating Tendency:

Water tends to demolish structures; every year, floods wreak havoc in numerous countries. Architects have devised systems that allow structures to float above a body of water; this approach was devised in response to rising sea levels. Such structures are built one meter above the ground to allow enough water room for the structure to float over water. These floating structures, sometimes known as amphibious buildings, can be used to create agricultural spaces.

2. Improved Structures:

Buildings created in accordance with aquatecture also have elevated foundations and are constructed above ground level. During flood season, such structures are raised on columns to avoid being flooded. This strategy is one of the most effective ways to keep floodwaters out of homes, but no one can forecast how high the water will rise in the next flood seasons. Buildings made of bamboo and wood that were later elevated on wooden columns are an example of such structures from the past. As a result, while the term aquatecture may appear to be a modern notion, its origins may also be traced back to the past.

3. Water Harvestation:

The integrated notion of sustainability distinguishes ‘aquatecture’ from all other modern architecture techniques. As previously said, the concept not only relates to constructing a structure water resistant, but also to reusing and collecting the water that has been gathered, whether it is rainwater or floodwater. Rainwater collection systems have been designed for such structures, ensuring that natural resources are not lost but instead employed in a thorough manner.

4. Waterproofed Indoors:

Waterproof interiors are used in structures centered on aquatecture to ensure that if water enters the building, it causes minimum damage. Woodwork and the use of waterproof construction materials, such as asphalt, are particularly important in such structures.

A non-defensive approach to flooding:

Flooding in populated regions of Pakistan is one of the most serious, but frequently overlooked, concerns that future generations will face. It’s a problem that needs to be handled quickly in order to save needless deaths and untold economic harm. Although a variety of futuristic floating city plans have been offered as novel ways to utilize water, they are unlikely to become a reality anytime soon. In the meanwhile, we should consider incorporating water into long-term city designs, such as through interconnected waterways, Deepwater ports, and flood-resistant structures. Floating solar and wind farms, as well as tidal power generating, might be combined. These solutions may provide more benefits than reactive measures like flood defenses and sandbags by utilizing the water that surrounds many of our towns.

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