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List of Islamabad Postal Codes

A Complete List of Islamabad Postal Codes

Getting your mail brought effectively is awesome and crucial. That’s why towns have postal codes – to help the postal personnel get letters and packages to the proper places. The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, has its non-public precise set of postal codes. Let’s research all about them!

Introduction to Postal Codes:

A postal code is a fixed of numbers and sometimes letters that identify a specific location. The postal human beings use those codes to decide which mail they desire to bypass. Pakistan’s postal codes have four digits.

Why Are Postal Codes Important?

Postal codes make it a bargain and much easier for the hard-taking walks of people in the publishing office to kind and supply every person’s mail. Without postal codes, matters could get very difficult and combined. The codes act like precise addresses for one-of-a-type neighbourhoods.

How Are Islamabad’s Postal Codes Organized?

The postal codes in Islamabad are grouped into levels corresponding to the metropolis’s notable sectors and zones. By looking at the code, you may tell which state-of-the-art vicinity an area is positioned in.

The Postal Codes of Islamabad’s Zones:

Sector E – 44000:

This zone includes regions like Jinnah Super Market and additives of Faisal Mosque. The E stands for East.

Sector F – 44000:

Neighbourhoods like F-11 and Rasala Chowk fall underneath the 44000 codes within the Federal location.

Sector G – 44000:

Important places with 44000 G-sector codes encompass the Gol Dun Khan Center and G-9 Markaz.

Sector I – 44000:

This area covers the Industrial areas coded 44000, like I-nine and I-10.

Sector H – 45000:

With postal codes beginning at 45000, locations in the H Sector embody H-Eleven, PIMS Hospital, and Sohan Garden.

Sectors I & J – 46000:

The postal codes beginning with 46000 are used for elements of the Industrial and Judiciary Sectors like I-16 and J-five.

Sector G – 46000:

Some areas of the G Sector, like G-6 and G-7, additionally use 46000 postal codes.

Sector R – 47000:

In Rawalpindi’s R Sector, you can locate 47,000 codes for Shamsabad and its distinct neighbourhoods.

Other Areas – 48000 to 49000:

Other cities near the capital, like Murree and Bhara Kahu, have postal codes from 48000 to 49000.

Using Postal Codes Correctly:

To make sure your letter or parcel receives added efficaciously, it’s vital to embody the entire postal code on the give up of the cope with. Double-test that you have the proper code for that area! The postal employees will recognize your efforts.

Fascinating Postal Code Facts:

Did you recognize that the number one postal codes were created in 1959 Agbati, Nigeria? Postal codes assist efficaciously in handling over 500 billion letters and parcels despatched globally every year! Those are some exceptional numbers.

Remembering postal codes may be a small factor. However, it plays a big role in maintaining all our connections through the mail. Understanding Islamabad’s postal code device permits makes verbal exchange easier for everybody. Pretty cool.

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