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Launch of Property Verification Centre by ICT administration

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Anyone interested in buying property can now come and check its property status before buying,” said Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. Residents have hailed the move as a significant step toward greater transparency in real estate transactions. Connect with ConnectorPk to meet with the best property dealer in Islamabad. If you want to invest in an online real estate business.

Citizens have been complaining about real estate fraud in the capital for a long time. Online form filling websites, the sale of a single plot of land to multiple people, fake registry papers, and the replacement of unmarked plots are all common examples of these frauds. Fake agents can sometimes catch the buyer off guard, especially when dealing with buyers from other countries.

In some cases, overseas Pakistanis who own property in Pakistan hire a caretaker who acts as the owner of the house and receives a token payment from the potential buyer. According to the officials, with the launch of the Center, buyers will be able to avoid a variety of scams and save money.

All stakeholders have applauded the move, which brings transparency to the real estate market. Complaints have been filed against fraudulent schemes involving illegal projects, unapproved lands, inadequate documentation, and forged registry papers. Fake real estate agents frequently deceive overseas Pakistanis.

Online real estate websites are another platform for defrauding unsuspecting people, particularly those from other countries. Recommendations says that Submission of the registration form and fee without providing too much information about the plots/property.

It is recommended that submission of the registration form and fee without providing too much information about the property/plots. Upon verification, it is usually discovered that there was no land on the ground. The sale of a single parcel of land to more than one person is a common form of fraud in which real estate agents collect advances on a single parcel of land from various parties. Similarly, a few agents would gather information about a specific property and create a fictitious registry of this land. Many people become trapped on the behalf of documents and pay full payment to them.

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Every commercial/residential project considers itself as “the only CDA approved project,” but it may not even be within the capital’s limits. Mostly, revision of maps and housing societies have done, hence, one cannot locate the plot for which he has paid. ICT cooperative department have registered the housing societies, and CDA has given the project NOC on the other hand. Appropriate authorities should address the issue in order to benefit the residents.

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