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Impact of CPEC on Real Estate & property dealers

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The 3,218-kilometer-long China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a link between China and Pakistan. It will result in a strategic alliance between two countries for future trade and business among regional countries. CPEC will transform not only Pakistan’s economy but also the real estate sector. It will open new business prospects in Pakistan, China, and the rest of the world. Cpec would connect Gwadar deep-sea port with Kashgar in western Xinjiang via a single road acting as a commercial route. If you are the one interested to invest in property business in Islamabad, then connect with ConnectorPk to meet the best property dealers.

Impact on Real Estate & property companies in Islamabad:

CPEC will benefit a variety of global businesses and will have a direct impact on Pakistan’s economy and property companies in Islamabad. Potential benefits include:

Job Opportunities in Pakistan:

  • Prospective employees will be required to relocate to different stations, which will necessitate the sale and purchase of property.
  • This will automatically generate new job opportunities for real estate agency and business in Islamabad.
  • Due to CPEC, an influx of roughly 1 million job opportunities would be created.

Rise in Real Estate business in Islamabad:

  • Since the start of the CPEC, Pakistan’s real estate market has piqued the interest of investors over the world.
  • worthless property has now become the most sought after plots of land.
  • Real estate builders and developers have reported increased investor interest, resulting in a rise in real estate and property values.
  • The federal capital Islamabad has experienced a great expansion of innovative and modern residential and commercial constructions.

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Overall Economic Boost:

  • According to data from Harvard University’s Center for International Development (CID), Pakistan’s projected annual growth rate for the next ten years is 5.07 percent.
  •  After India, this is the second greatest growth rate in the Asian region.
  • With the country’s economy improving, demand for housing would undoubtedly increase, necessitating a large amount of land.

Chinese Immigration in Pakistan:

  • CPEC being a joint enterprise, numerous Chinese and Pakistani engineers will be stationed in Gwadar and along the entire corridor.
  • This is fantastic news for the real estate companies and property business in Islamabad, as housing them would necessitate the creation of tiny towns along the belt.
  • Gwadar, being the final port, will evolve into a large city, like Karachi.
  • After completion, Gwadar, Lahore, and Karachi will be the epicenter.
  • Property prices in these big cities will skyrocket because of the requirement to accommodate not just citizens but also foreigners.


Undoubtedly, CPEC will play a significant part in growth of Pakistan’s economy. so ,it will have an impact on our real estate business as our GDP rises and industry develops, with Chinese immigration. Chinese investments have already had an impact on real estate prices in Australia. Property prices in Australia have risen by 47% because of the Chinese investment. We can argue that Pakistan is not as appealing to Chinese investors as Australia, but even if Pakistan obtains half of these numbers, the impact on real estate prices will be significant.

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