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How Real estate businesses in Islamabad are affected by Kamyab Pakistan program

Real estate businesses in Islamabad

The government has devised a plan to lift the weaker parts of society out of poverty. This can be done by increasing the people’s purchasing power. Its first objective is to make the poor people economically self-sufficient. For this purpose, the government has decided to start the ‘Kamyab Pakistan Program’. It would provide a variety of chances such as small loans for businesses, farmers, and homes etc. If one wants to utilize this scheme & invest in a real estate businesses in Islamabad. Then connect now with ConnectorPk. It is a platform that enables one to make best investments in Islamabad.

Kamyab Pakistan Program:

Kamyab Pakistan is flagship program that provide 0 percent markup microloans to small businesses, and farmers. News released in July 2021 says, the main goal is to provide loans to 4.5 million low-income households. The KPP displays the government’s solid commitment to pursuing a pro-people agenda. Hence, building Pakistan into a welfare state that follows Riasat-e-Madina ideals.

Main Components:

Kamyab Pakistan program consists of:

  1. Kamyab Kissan: It says that farmers with landholdings of up to 12.5 acres will be eligible for agricultural loans. Microloans of Rs150,000(per crop) would boost up the agricultural production. Furthermore, Rs 200,000 would be provided for machinery.
  2. Kamyab Karobar: It states that loans for small enterprises and start-ups in both rural and urban areas will be granted at a 0% markup. The loan amount can be up to Rs500,000, with easy installment payments.
  3. Naya Pakistan Low-Cost Housing Scheme: It also involves the creation of a new tier called Naya Pakistan Low-Cost Housing Scheme. It will provide loans of up to Rs2.7 million for NAPHDA and Rs2 million for non-NAPHDA projects for 20 years. 
  4. Kamyab Hunarmand: The KPP will cooperate with government’s existing skill development program for educational training, under the “Kamyab Hunarmand” plan and Sehat Insaaf Card project.

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  • The Kamyab Pakistan Program, costs Rs. 1.6 trillion over the next three to five years would help 3,000,000 families. It will be crucial in improving the country’s economic activity. It assures that population is self-sufficient in terms of employment.
  • The KPP’s goal is to empower all disadvantaged and socially marginalized people.
  • Applicants will be provided large-scale business, low-cost housing, and agricultural loans. It will not only create jobs but also help them expand their businesses.
  • Banks/DFIs, Microfinance Banks, and Housing Finance Companies will work together to provide micro-loans in a wholesale arrangement.


If this program works, the benefits will be multiplied. Especially if small businesses flourish across the country. These measures will also help to alleviate the current unemployment crisis. It will help to halt the brain drain in the country. KPP would have a strong positive influence on the real estate businesses in Islamabad. As it improves the economic conditions of different stakeholders. Thus, boosting up the property business in Islamabad.

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