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How Launch of Eco-Friendly bikes benefits a Realestate agency in Islamabad

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Unveiling of first Locally assembled Electric Bike(E-bike) of Pakistan held recently in Islamabad. However, the authorities have now published the pricing of the e-bike. Get an opportunity to make the best investments in Islamabad by joining hands with ConnectorPk, a realestate agency in Islamabad.

Launch of the E-Bike:

  • On July 8, Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed Pakistan’s first electric bike in Islamabad.
  • The debut of this eco-friendly car is part of the government’s 5-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025.
  • He approved the stategy last year, with the goal of reaching 30% electric passenger vehicles by 2030.

The prime minister stated that electric vehicle policy was part of a bigger initiative to make the country clean and green.

“In order to reduce pollution, electric vehicles, particularly electric motorcycles, will have to be introduced in cities.” he said.

He further claimed that this was the for the first time that our efforts to improve the environment recognized on a global scale.

“Pakistan is currently recognized around the world as one of the few countries leading the fight against global warming.”

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Bike Details:

1. Manufacturers:

Jolta Electric is the manufacturer.

2.      Price:

In accordance with media reports estimates, the JE-70’s launch price is Rs. 82,500.

3.      Performance:

E-bike can travel up to 80 kilometers in Eco Mode and 60 kilometers in Turbo Mode. On a flat road, the bike has 1000W of power and can reach a top speed of 60 km/h. CEO of Jolta Electric, stated that the bikes have garnered amazing buyer replies. I can’t reveal the exact number of reservations, but the bike has piqued the interest of students, instructors, and people from rural locations.

4.      Charging Time

According to company executives, the bike will require 1.5 units of charge overnight at home. The company also indicated that charging e-bike will only cost Rs. 1,000 per month. Thus, making it incredibly cost-effective for the owner.

5. Booking the e-bike ride:

Bicycles can be rented, ridden, returned at several locations in Islamabad. The dockless electric bikes will be kept outside of Islamabad metrobus stations at first, then in offices and residential areas. Furthermore, the entire process is computerized, from registration through booking and payment. Travelers can use the EZBike mobile app to find and rent an electric bike parked near them, ride to their destination, and then park it in a designated zone.

Potential Benefits for a realestate agency:

1. Transforming urban mobility in pakistan:

E-Bike is using digital technology to revolutionize urban transportation in Pakistan into an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. Thus, providing people with a cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation. Moreover, the service will aid in the reduction of air pollution, traffic congestion, accessibility, and fuel costs.

2. Safety:

The motorcycles would be constantly monitored for safety, as well as security against damage and theft. Hence, Helmets must be worn by bike riders. During the epidemic, the bikes would be cleaned thoroughly.

4. Generating Jobs and attracting investments:

The bike-sharing scheme will help grow Pakistan’s electric vehicle industry, create jobs, and attract investment. Within the next year, Roamer Technologies expects to deploy over 2,000 electric motorcycles in Pakistan. Hence, bringing millions of dollars in FDI.

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