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Green Line Metrobus insights & property marketing Companies

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Karachi is a teeming metropolis where millions of people commute every day. Pakistan’s largest economic hub still lacks a proper mass transit system. The Karachi Circular Railway was recently resurrected by the authorities. But, it has a limited route and serves only a small portion of the megalopolis’s population. Join hands with ConnectorPk, an Islamabad real estate agency, to make the best investments in Islamabad and to connect with different property marketing companies in Islamabad.

The city desperately needs a mega transportation project like the Lahore and Islamabad metro bus systems. To improve Karachi’s current public transportation system. Both federal and provincial authorities have announced five metro bus routes in recent years. Green Line, Blue Line, Red Line, Yellow Line, and Orange Line are the names of these lines.


It will serve over 300,000 passengers per day after its completion. The Karachi Infrastructural Development Company (KIDC) began construction on the project in January 2016, and it is still ongoing.

The Green Line BRT runs for 26 kilometers, beginning at Merewether Tower and ending at Surjani Town in northern Karachi. It will be linked to the other proposed Trans Karachi Breeze project routes at various points.


It is a megaproject focusing on public transportation in Karachi. Green Line BRT requires a lot of funding to be completed before the deadline. The Pakistani government will fund a large portion of this multi-million-rupee project.

Other public and private resources will also be used to raise sufficient funds for the project’s development. The local authorities have also sought World Bank assistance to begin work on the third phase of development.

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A project as large as the Karachi Metrobus, which runs for dozens of kilometers across the city, can be developed in stages. As a result, since its inception, the Green Line BRTS Karachi has been developed in phases.

Currently, work on two phases of the Green Line is underway, but it is running behind schedule due to unexpected delays caused by changes in the design and proposed infrastructure as directed by authorities.

The project will also include a third phase, which will extend the project from the Taj Medical Complex to the Municipal Park. The Green Line Bus infrastructure is successfully under construction, and a 17.8-kilometer-long corridor is being built.

The Karachi Metrobus route, which is expected to provide state-of-the-art public transportation in Karachi, will include many flyovers at multiple intersections, with nearly a large portion of this significant infrastructural development already completed. Various expressways and roads become clogged regularly as a result of these construction activities.

Even taking alternate routes does not help to avoid traffic congestion. Such a traffic situation is not uncommon in a city like Karachi, which is densely populated and filled with squatter settlements, especially when work on a large-scale transportation project is underway.

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Once fully operational, the Green Line in Karachi is expected to reduce vehicular traffic on the city’s roads, particularly during peak hours. However, the slow pace of development work on the Green Line Metrobus in Karachi has been testing the patience of the city’s residents for several years.


The corridor for Green Line BRT Karachi will start from Shahrah-e-Usman Road in Surjani Town and will stretch for miles. It will then run along Sher Shah Suri Road, where multiple flyovers have been constructed to keep all types of traffic disruptions away from Karachi’s Green Line BRTS route.

Moving south, this corridor will follow Nawab Ali Siddiqui Road, Business Recorder Road, Gurumandir, Numaish Chowrangi, and M.A. Jinnah Road to the Municipal Park. The entire Green Line BRT route in Karachi has been planned with dozens of stations to accommodate its passengers.

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