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Apartment Culture: Insight from real estate agency in Islamabad

Apartment Culture: Insight from real estate agency in Islamabad

Over the last few years, the number of apartment buildings in Islamabad has suddenly increased. With this came an increasing culture of real estate agencies in Islamabad.

This boom in high-rise residential buildings highlights a major cultural shift among the younger residents of the bustling city. Apartment living became somewhat of a trend in metropolitan cities quite some time ago. However, Islamabad remained more or less indifferent to this growing culture – until recently.

People once preferred to live in detached, sprawling houses built according to their personal needs on land they either purchased or inherited. But the growing number of apartment complexes shows more and more people are opting to live in flats in Islamabad. Our real estate agency in Islamabad helps you choose the best fit!


There are several benefits of living in an apartment instead of a house. Needless to say, some of these factors may have contributed to the evolving apartment culture in Islamabad. If you want to know more about apartments read

Let’s take a look at a few of them.


A bird’s eye view of Islamabad’s growing population

Much like the rest of the country, the population of Islamabad has seen immense growth. From 6.3 million people in the 1998 census to its current official standing of 11.12 million according to the 2017 census, the number of people living in the city has almost doubled. This is largely because people from other parts of the country have begun to move here for better education and job opportunities. However, the city’s boundaries have not been pushed enough to accommodate its inhabitants. This situation gives a boost to real estate agencies in Islamabad, the capital city as it has an increasing population.

Over-populated cities usually tackle this situation by going vertical, which is exactly what Islamabad seems to be doing. Taking a leaf out of Karachi’s book, a densely populated city filled with skyscrapers and tall residential buildings, developers in Islamabad along with the housing policymakers resorted to constructing one apartment complex after another to cater to the ever-rising demand for housing units.

Thus, just in a few years, Islamabad went from being the ‘City of Gardens’ to becoming yet another concrete jungle.


Compared to a house, you are bound to spend less on utilities while living in an apartment

The sharp uptick in real estate prices is considered the second most important factor behind the growing apartment culture in Islamabad. Not to mention, living in an apartment complex is much more cost-effective. You can save money on both utility bills and monthly rent.

Living in an apartment in Islamabad will also save you a lot in electricity and gas bills. Since it’s easier to cool down and heat a smaller area, you would have to run your air conditioners and heaters for a comparatively shorter amount of time.


Living in an apartment allows you to have more interactions with your neighbors.

It’s a cruel fact of life, but no one has time to personally socialize with others these days. Apart from the people you see every day at work or school, your interaction with your distant family members and friends must most likely be limited to Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Living in an independent and detached home gives you the freedom to do pretty much whatever your heart desires without having to regularly interact with your neighbors. However, living in apartments is quite different.

If you buy or rent an apartment in Islamabad, you are bound to see people living in the flat next door several times a day. This is why people tend to contact real estate agencies in Islamabad as it can help you make the right choice. Meanwhile, people living in separate houses don’t necessarily run into their neighbors daily. This gives you more chances to interact with others residing in the same building. If you manage to form good relations with your neighbors, it would undoubtedly create a healthy environment while providing excellent networking and socializing opportunities.

The apartment culture in Islamabad gives people more chances to socialize with others than those living in detached houses.


Apartment buildings are generally more secure

There is strength in numbers – and that is probably the biggest perk of community living. Since people dwelling in flats are much more privy to what’s happening next door, it would be relatively difficult for a robber to get in and out without being completely noticed.

Although safety is not always a guarantee as people living in apartments must have seen their fair share of security troubles, a residential building with over a dozen of families is considerably safer than a house with four residents. Moreover, the higher the flat is in a building, the less likely it is to be broken in.

In addition, most apartment complexes have a boundary wall and a security guard at the main entrance. This makes it a much safer place for children to play and run around. For those who live in houses, if there is no playground in the vicinity, kids have little choice but to play on the streets. It could be a bit dangerous, unfortunately.


You can always contact your building manager to take care of plumbing and electricity-related issues

Another factor that could have played a role in the evolving apartment culture in Islamabad is the maintenance of such units. With school, work, and other responsibilities, people are rarely left with enough time to hang out with their families. In this situation, spending extra time on the upkeep of one’s home is almost impossible.

Flats are much easier to maintain than houses. For starters, there are no front gardens or backyards for you to tend to – which could be somewhat of a disadvantage if you love gardening. However, you can always start your vertical garden to save up on space.

Secondly, most building owners charge a certain maintenance fee from their residents. Therefore, you can just call and ask them to deal with whatever plumbing or electric wiring problem you might be facing.

Moreover, since flats are usually smaller, they are also much easier to clean. You also don’t have to worry about painting or the upkeep of the exterior walls. It is the responsibility of the property manager to look after them.

Of course, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to living in an apartment. However, the apparent increase in the number of sky-high towers and luxury apartments in Islamabad proves the new generation is opting for a different style of living than their elders.

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Investing in real estate has different categories and levels; a different type of investment is suited for different kinds of people. But, for a general summary, if you are a common businessman or a worker and are looking for a real estate business in Islamabad then you should either choose to buy a plot and sell it in the future or buy a house, shop, etc. and rent them since, this kind of investment is generally easy, requires less initial capital. While the last above-mentioned last categories usually are for those people who are professionals in the field of real estate. So, if you are into investing in real estate, for example, buying apartments in Islamabad, then Connector can provide you with some of the best and most luxurious apartments in the town that are sure to give you a good return if you rent them.

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