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Margalla road project: Advantage to property agent in Islamabad

property agent in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid the foundation for the 35-kilometer Margalla road, a regarded project that was anticipating an encasing all along. This will cause a boost for property agent in Islamabad. According to existing all-inclusive strategy, it begins from G.T. Road and in the wake of going through different territories it touches Constitution Avenue prior to moving towards Bari Imam side to finish on Murree Road at Bhara Kahu. Many property agent in Islamabad, dealing in that area will now be busy in their offices with clients coming in.

Overall impact on property agent in Islamabad dealing with Hills Avenue

The advancement made by the PM is a game changer for Islamabad real estate. As this avenue will give direct access into the heart of Islamabad for traffic, the real estate business will sky rocket in adjacent sectors including B-17, situated directly opposite the point where Margalla avenue is starting on G.T road. It will carry positive changes and a likely value hop to the Hills Avenue situated in Faisal Margalla City.

About Hills Avenue:

Hills Avenue consists of 48 extravagant apartments that are ideal for living and 51 shops that are urging the market to thrive. The conveniences provided include double security framework and a promising accommodation alongside a protected climate. The tasteful area matched with modernist architecture and present day interior makes Hills Avenue an ideal spot to live and invest in Islamabad. The resumption of the Margalla Road is likely to increase the value and demand of not only plots but shops and apartments for sale both of which are covered by the Hills Avenue. For more details on Hills Avenue visit

How it will benefit the investors in Hills Avenue, Faisal Margalla City:

The locality is totally phenomenal as with the entirety of the turn of events, populace and business action they would straightforwardly profit property and individuals investing in Hills Avenue in Faisal Margalla City. It will bring a boost in the sales activity of the property dealers in general who deal with the property for sale as more investors will be interested to buy houses, plots, apartments or shops.  As an investor, be it in a commercial or residential sphere, the announcement of a developmental project is a glad tiding. On top of that, the encasing of this project is expected to boost real estate business as there will be more buyers and property for sale.

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Fortunate news for investors in Hills Avenue by property agent in Islamabad:

The news regarding the inauguration of Margalla road has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the investors and real estate agents of Hills Avenue for obvious reasons. With the announcement of this news for construction of almost 8.5 kilometer long road patch of the Margalla Avenue:

  • The distance of the locality from central parts of Islamabad will be cut to half.
  • Underway working  for construction of an interchange for easier access on Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1) will attract more buyers.
  • Easy access to various conveniences like business sectors and hospitals of the capital.
  • Considerable gains by apartments for sales.

Investing in real estate has different classes and levels; a different type of investment is suited for different kinds of people. Generally, if you are a common-businessman or a worker and are looking for real estate business in Islamabad then you ought to either decide to purchase a plot and sell it later on or purchase a house, shop, and so forth and lease them since, this sort of venture is by and large simple and requires less beginning capital. If you are into investing in real estate and want to buy apartments in Islamabad, then Connector is the place for you to come as we can provide you some of the best and luxurious apartments in the town with promising return.

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