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Construction of Two underpasses in Rawalpindi to remove traffic Congestion

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Rawalpindi and its surrounding areas are facing the issues of urban transportation since long. Concerns may include crowding, pedestrians, parking, and air pollution. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has planned the construction of two megaprojects on the city’s two main transit crossroads (Kacheri chowk & Fauji Foundation), which will be a huge addition to help citizens deal with their traffic concerns. If you are interested in an online real estate business in Islamabad, then connect with ConnectorPk to meet with the best property dealers in Islamabad.


  • The goal is to alleviate traffic congestion making it easier for people to travel.
  • According to RDA authorities, the underpasses will be environmentally friendly and signal-free for the public’s advantage.
  • The kacheri Chowk will be city’s only twin underpass.
  • Crowded Kacheri Chowk sees over 0.1 million cars and motorcycles every day.

Estimated Completion Time:

Almost one and a half years.

Potential Features:

  • Computerized LED lighting and green area with 25,000 environmental friendly trees will surround both the underpass.
  • The mega project has also been given funding by being included in the annual development programme for the years 2021-22.

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Impact of Proposed Project on real estate business:

  • Officials claim that the underpass will improve traffic flow on the road, which is frequently congested due to VIP arrivals and departures.
  • Every day, nearly 0.1 million cars pass through these two intersections, with traffic conditions worsening over time.
  • Land-use planning and good administration will highly influence the overall impact of these two mega projects.
  • The entire land purchase policy must consider the requirements and interests of the surrounding communities.
  • To allow for the smooth flow of traffic, a safe and efficient traffic route will need to be established for daily commuters.
  • As a high number of cars utilize the road on a regular basis, the project’s early completion will be critical to its overall success.


RDA’s two megaprojects will upgrade the city’s transportation system. The improvements are a positive step in the right direction for reducing traffic congestion and boosting traffic flow and movement. Land-use planning and effective governance will be crucial in determining the overall impact of these two megaprojects.

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