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Augmented Reality Transforming the real estate Industry

real estate industry

New technology is continuously being introduced, altering the industry’s trajectory. Virtual Reality (VR) is the most recent technological advancement in the real estate industry. Virtual tours allow clients to see exactly what they want, helping them to make better-informed purchasing decisions. Thus, get an opportunity to invest in the best property companies by joining hands with ConnectorPk, a real estate agency in Islamabad.

  • Virtual reality technology has changed the real estate industry to the point where virtual walkthroughs are now the standard technology for the best firms.
  • Virtual reality also allows customers to inspect a property without having to travel physically.
  • Customers already want to take a virtual tour before embarking on a “real” trip, with 77% wanting to do so. Customers want to see how their furniture will look in their new home, according to 68 percent of them.

Need for Virtual Reality in Real Estate:

Real estate brokers have a difficult time describing how a house will look or how renovations will work out. The good news is that augmented reality is completely transforming the property sale and purchase process by providing engaging representations.

  • With 3D modeling, virtual site visits, and augmented blueprints, AR is rewriting the narrative.
  • As more and more realtors integrate augmented reality in their workflow to streamline their processes, it is proving to be a growth partner for real estate businesses.
  • If you’re a real estate agency or an independent agent, you need to start using augmented reality right soon.
  • Visual reality is used by architects to observe constructions from the inside out and to allow homeowners to see the finished product before construction begins.
  • Home builders around the country are successfully using virtual reality to market subdivisions and pre-sell homes by obviating the requirement to build fully furnished models to entice customers.
  • When dealing with out-of-town buyers, busy real estate brokers can make the most of their limited time and reduce the need for on-site showings with fewer interruptions to their daily routines.

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Benefits of using Virtual Reality in the Real estate Industry:

  1. Time-Saving
  2. Customization
  3. Transforms imaginations into reality
  4. Increases the number of visitors to the website
  5. Provides a Global Reach
  6. Saves money

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Augmented Reality puts the “Real” in Real estate:

This groundbreaking technology is truly exciting for customers as they can experience how the floor plan, furniture, and overall layout of the property feel like. Realtors can offer an immersive experience to prospects through augmented reality portals with a simple AR-powered application. By sitting at home on a sofa, prospects can dwell in an immersive environment using their smartphones. This augmented reality-based marketing will also increase the potential reach of realtors as anyone interested in buying a specific property can experience it from home.


So, if virtual reality and augmented reality can bring so much value to real estate, why isn’t it more extensively used? Mass adoption, like any new technology, takes time, effort, and money. The most significant barrier to widespread VR/AR adoption is user experience. This, in my opinion, represents the growing need to make VR/AR headsets and eyewear lighter, cheaper, and more accessible, allowing VR/AR to become more mainstream. Augmented reality-based marketing has become an industry standard for realtors and agencies. If you want to drive your profits into the positive spectrum then you should get an AR-based solution for your business.

For realtors and agencies, augmented reality-based marketing has become the norm. If you want to boost your profitability, you should invest in an AR-based solution for your company.

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